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Is real estate a safe investment?

Hello everyone,

Investment in real estate, gold and precious metals has been the tradition in our India since centuries.

Post independence, the most appreciated and safe investment has been Real estate comparatively when we evaluate in long term. It has been the dream of every human to own piece of land and this dream will be increasing as days passes. It will be increasing as population increases, lifestyle increases. It is considered a social status, if you own a piece of land then you are prosperous.

Now dont worry on whether it is affordable or not. Yes it is Affordable. There are properties across Bangalore rural and outskirts plots starting 8lacs with all approvals and RERA registered projects. The most upcoming area would be North, East and North East part of Bangalore growing exponentially since past 3 years. Will give you more notes on it in my next blog.

Owning a property of their own, especially where always the first choice would be owning a plot where they say “Zameen bhi apni, aasmaan bhi apna”. Considering these facts and when we compare the prices of real estate being always on the upper side in the graph year on year in Bangalore since 20 years. The minimum per year average from 12% to 24% which is phenomenal.

Believe in real estate for investment and better returns at a very lower risk.

Thank you,

Pankaj Kumar S

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